The Hidden Wild will take you on a journey through the last frontier, your inner self.

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Hi i’m Jordan, and I am a Junior at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. When I am not attending classes, working two jobs, and being active in my sorority I am often focused on how to make myself a better person. My story is long and winding, as is yours, so I will spare you the details and give the abridged version as to why I created this blog.

Starting my college career at Arizona State University I was across the country stranded with no place to go, all I could do was look up. I looked up toward the sky seeking answers but all I ever got back was questions, so I decided to do something about it. I started meditating in different forms such as, guided, silent, and yoga, then I started using tarot cards again and crystals to help achieve a mental state of balance and clarity. In the pages there will be more specifics about my experiences with each. After finding a better balance within myself I transferred back to the East Coast and really started to focus on helping my friends and family get a better handle on their lives mentally, which leads us to here.

I hope you find my site and all of the tips and tricks helpful to you and your practice Please do not hesitate to contact with me with questions or even suggestions!  I love to learn and I love opinions!

Thank you,

Jordan xoxo

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Any questions, or comments? I welcome them all with open arms!